We are proud to introduce you to our region-based company in the located in the North Florida area designed essentially to meet your needs. Palmetto Security Services has been in the security business for over 15 years; helping businesses and individuals reduce their risk of exposure and optimize their business opportunities while providing excellent service. Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, and cost-effective method of fulfilling your security and screening needs.

We also partner with our local Florida Highway Patrol unit, Tallahassee Police Department and Leon County Sheriff’s office in providing the best quality of service for our clientele.

We are more than just an officer with a flashlight and a clipboard; we are a leading pioneer in the security industry by fusing our experience in the security field with current technology. From metal detectors to body mounted cameras and even an app for phones and tablets that allow our clients to receive officer reports and monitor officer movement in real time.

We currently provide security services for businesses, educational institutions, and churches in South Eastern region of the US. Our officers have proven to be a valuable asset to our clients and our track record shows that we have reduced crime for our clients.

While we humbly serve our community with security and screening services, we also believe in giving back to the very community in which we live in and eagerly serve. You can rest assured that when you call upon Palmetto Security Services, you are not only obtaining a service, but building a solid relationship through a company that is committed to helping the community, and dedicated to protecting your number one asset: your business.